EPIC is excited to work with some great impact entrepreneurs — learn more about them below and by following the links to their websites.

The following is a list of our EPIC members:

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Sponsor Energy

Sponsor Energy is an energy retailer that donates 50% of profits on each customer’s electricity usage to local charities that it has partnered with including food banks, homeless shelters, animal welfare organizations, health and community non-profit organizations in Alberta.


Finance for Good

Finance For Good

Finance For Good is the first – and only – social impact bond intermediary (SIB) in Canada. They build the tools, processes, and partnerships required to bring SIBs to Canada.




Zayfti is a mobile application software built to engage workers in their own Occupational Health and Safety. The product creatively encourages safer behaviour while digitizing and optimizing the collection and analyses of Safety data. The overarching result of which is a safer worker and more efficient production.

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Mission Green Buildings

Mission Green Buildings is a collaborative consulting practice dedicated to improving the sustainability of the built environment at the human, building and community levels. They help clients understand and articulate their sustainability goals, help develop greener construction projects and they provide assistance with all forms of green certification such as Living Building Challenge, LEED, Built Green and CEEQUAL.


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Flechas Architecture

Flechas Architecture is an architectural practice that strives to create spaces that are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. We work closely with our clients to provide simple and creative design solutions that reflect their values. Our designs minimize the environmental impact of construction and maintenance while maximizing its positive social and economic impact. We design better buildings.



Free Range Youth

Free Range Youth is a program where young people take all the life learned awesomeness they have gathered, put that to use, and learn how to run their own business. The program takes youth through a 5 step process on how to start and run a business, and at the end, they have acquired good skills to take back out into the world to do more great things!


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Place2Give is Canada’s first and only online charity research platform matching donors’ giving interests with charities’ implementation strategies.  In addition to our free charity search site, Place2Give has an Advisor Toolbox providing tools and resources to financial and legal advisors in the area of strategic philanthropy, legacy planning and managing their clients’ social capital.




Thrive is Calgary’s Community Economic Development network, bringing together Calgarians working in many different ways toward a thriving local economy for all, forever.


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amplifi uses [Digital] Advocacy & Corporate Soul to provide strategic leverage much beyond PR. They help implement meaningful connections between your organization, its employees and stakeholders to build sustainable support for your business, issue or cause.



Dexterity Consulting

Dexterity Consulting is a Philanthropic Brokerage Firm working with Financial and Legal Advisors in Canada assisting their clients in setting up charitable giving strategies and managing the next-gen social capital conversations.  A thought leader in strategic philanthropy Dexterity Consulting also works with charities in areas of operational effectiveness, governance and management.


Talem Health Solutions

Talem Health Solutions

Talem Health Solutions is developing software for the creation and sharing of specialized rehabilitative content between patients and clinicians. Their first product, StrokeLink, empowers stroke survivors throughout their care journey by providing access to both knowledge and tools to help bridge the gaps in care delivery.



SEA Change Nation

SEA Change Nation is a for-profit social enterprise startup using their innovative 3-SEA Change Model to transform youth into social entrepreneurs and solve youth homelessness and poverty in Calgary.


Canada Bridges

Bridges Social Development

Bridges Social Development’s approach is aimed at investing in and building the capacity of people with whom they work so that they can affect positive change for their communities. At current, this is accomplished by way of their Unveiling Youth Potential (UYP), Social Entrepreneurship, and Train the Trainer programs.




kmitt engages Calgarians in their communities by drawing a direct connection between homeless and non-homeless people through mittens. When a pair of mittens is purchased, another pair will be given to a homeless person.


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Engage Africa

Engage Africa fights non-communicable diseases in Africa through the voices and creativity of everyday people.


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