Welcome to EPIC: helping foster social innovation and impact entrepreneurship in Alberta

There are an ever increasing number of opportunities to solve the challenges in our communities, and in our world, and impact entrepreneurs are those who rise to this challenge. Whether creating businesses with an explicit social or environmental goal, reimagining how non-profits operate, or finding sustainable sources of revenue through a social enterprise, impact entrepreneurs share one goal — maximizing their positive contribution to the world.

Who is EPIC ?

EPIC is a social enterprise – a not-for-profit with a business model dedicated to meeting the needs of the impact sector. We are a resource for social entrepreneurs to help them grow, learn, and connect with others within the social impact space.
In 2015, EPIC will deliver support for social enterprises and entrepreneurs in western Canada in three distinct ways: 1) through our online platform, Pivotville 2) through programming 3) through events and networking opportunities. The end goal is to bring the community together, online and offline, all the while providing opportunities  for learning and growth with their social enterprise.

Supporting social enterprise

EPIC hosts events throughout the year that provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. With partners like Givoco, the Banff Centre, MRU, and Ambrose University, we collectivley host a meetup called  Social Impact YYC where we present speakers who discuss all aspects of social impact work, both locally and abroad. These events also provide an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
Join our in-person Meet Up, Social Impact YYC out more at: http://www.meetup.com/Social-Impact-YYC/.
Pivotville is an online platform providing useful, relevant, and meaningful content to support social enterprises in their growth. We engage social enterprises across North America for dynamic content based on entrepreneur need. Pivotville provides over 80 interviews, videos, and written content in short, digestible pieces for the time-stressed social entrepreneur.
Through our partnerships, we provide both offline and online content to social enterprises. In the past, we have hosted successful online hangouts, which provided invaluable learning opportunities for all participants. Stay tuned for our next bits of programming.
If you’re helping advance social innovation and impact entrepreneurship in Calgary, we’d love to connect!

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